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in brief

The genus Trillium has, during the passed, had a chequered existence in the case of relationship. In the newest literature it has got its own family name - Trilliaceae. In this family it is places together with for example Paris.

Trillium, with the Danish name "Treblad" (three-leaf), is a fabulous exciting plant, which deserve a prominent place in the garden. It's a little expensive to buy, but absolutely worth the money.

Trillium grows in big parts of N. America, in Himalaya, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Sakhalin and Kamchatka.
It grows in forests in a moist, humus rich soil with a good drainage in light shade. The most species prefer a neutral soil, and the Asian demand a little more moist than the American.
There is no agreement among the botanists about the numbers of species, but in the literature there are mentioned 5 to 6 in E. Asia, about 7 in the western N. America and about 35 in the eastern N. America.

The root is a rhizome, and Trillium has, as the name tells, three leaves, three sepals and three petals.
The leaves are green or marbled with lighter or darker drawings.
The petals are white, yellow, purple or different shades of red.
Propagation is made by dividing or by seed. By seed-propagation you have to be very patient. It takes a god deal of time - until seven years - before the seedlings are flowering.

Trillium chlorapetalum var. giganteum
Trillium rivale 'Purple Heart'
Trillium discolor