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Welcome to our garden website

Our garden is abound 1.100 m2 and 35 years old. The last 15 years we have re-laid the garden, but in a way so  the old trees and shrubs are retained, and  now makes the  frames and shelter for the established beds and plants. Stone is an important  element in our garden, at first because we like stone, but also because a lot of plants like to grow upwards or in the nearness of stones.

We are plant collectors, with a lot of different plants for peat, woodland, bog, rockgarden etc.

The plants we especially like are the woodlands like Hepatica, orchids, Trillium, Arisaema, Paris, Adonis, Helleborus etc., but we are interested in almost all rare plants.

Dactylorhiza pratermissa
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Gunhild and Thorkild Poulsen