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in brief

Iris, which belongs to Iridaceae, is a genus with ca. 250 species. Some is growing in water, others in dry soil and again others in an ordinary garden soil, so there is an Iris for each soil.
It grows on the northern hemisphere in a belt from N. Africa to the middle of Norway.
Most of the Iris you can bay in nurseries are easy to grow.

The Iris who have our interest is the Germanica-hybrids, which the type of Iris who have beard.
Germanica-hybrids is a collective name for a big group which also divides after high. Babata elatior are the highest and babata nana the lowest.
This group of Iris grows in an ordinary garden soil with a good drain, and the tube shall be planted in the ground so the sun can shine on it.

The leaves are lanceolate and get often brown spots and tips. So as a leaf plant Iris is not very attractive.
When we still choose to grow Iris in our garden it's because of the fantastic beautiful flowers, which you can find in almost all colours. They are often bicoloured and have sometimes three or four colours, and besides that the beard often have a contrasting colour.

Iris BE 'Broadway Star'

Iris BE 'Dancers Veil'